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The modern commercial playground equipment has become a much-talked-about issue. We frequently hear the voices to bring "adventure" back into play. The age of information has ushered in a new area of fear about childrens well-being. Helicopter parenting and a constant shadow of oversight have become the new norms in our society. The playground has been the top casualty of this approach. There is a growing emphasis on the design of plastic swing sets and slides to reduce the harm instead of increasing enjoyment.

These findings have raised new questions about playground design. People are now pondering if the commercial playground equipment is fostering creativity and problem-solving skills in the children or not. How can we define risk and when it is OK to play? Are there any alternatives to current play spaces? Parents, architects, researchers, and specialists are weighing in on these questions. They are looking for a new vision for the future of play.

But is this adventure playground concept working? Have bringing the risk back in public spaces done any good? Introducing a new variety of surfaces like sand, grass, water, paved grounds and arranging them uniquely have helped in making kids more active. When kids crawl through faux caves, climb boulders, or play organized sports, then kids are more agile and physically active. These settings are also cheaper and safe. In the end, parents must avoid the harsh policing to make their kids enjoy the freedom and let go of the fear of risk. parents must avoid the harsh policing to make their kids enjoy the freedom and let go of the fear of risk.

Creative Systems Inc. has been in the business of installing recreational equipment since 1972. The 45 years experience has put us in the most viable position to manufacture the best playground equipment for schools and designing the best shade structures in las vegas in the world. We pride ourselves in having thousands of satisfied customers from all over the globe.

Some non-profit organizations like play: ground NYC have introduced a different playground concept. They have adventure playgrounds in New York City where parents are only allowed in the section for very young children. Meanwhile, "Playworkers", who are trained to analyze the quality of risk, look after the older kids. Surprisingly, they rarely have to intervene in the kids play as most of the kids are already making the same determinations. Kids are more attentive when they know they are in a high-risk play area.

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