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Electrotherapy: Only properly trained professional therapists can provide treatments of this sort. Electrotherapy is mainly used to assist in reduction of pain and recovering natural healing response of your body. In case of Home care for senior citizens Kolkata local modalities are used i.e, ice and heat to retrieve muscle response and locomotive abilities.

In the recent times, when stress level is very high among the people, it is necessary to participate in activities that reduce stress to remain healthy. But your fast lives always keep you behind the clock. You can join the gym for exercise, but at the cost of the time you spend with your family at the end of your tiresome days. On the other hand, even if you do not require physical therapy, you can understand the urgency of it, when you have a senior member in your family. It is not always possible to take them to the physiotherapists chamber every day. It is very inconvenient for your senior parent to visit the physiotherapist every week. This is why you require a helping hand at home.

Only highly skilled individuals, with proper knowledge and experience of the techniques of physiotherapy, should be assigned. This is a very vital component that most people overlook while choosing a physical therapist for themselves or their family members. Since, physiotherapy provides our body with several clinical benefits, we should be very careful about who we chose to be our physiotherapists, more importantly, if youre assigning a physiotherapist, at home, for the health of your elderly parents. Here are some techniques of physiotherapy to show you its clinical importance.

Joint Mobilization Technique: In old age, joint pain and immobility becomes a very serious problem. Physical immobility can cause other psychological problems as well. It can cause a person to get bed ridden and worsen their whole health. Physiotherapy at Home Kolkata can provide this facility at your doorsteps. It helps in, attaining normal range of motion without any pain.Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a type of therapy that should be provided at home.

Muscle stretching exercises: Stretching your muscles also gives your body the full scale locomotive ability. Stretching helps your muscle lengthen in size. But most of the time, stretching without a proper guide can rather result in accidental injuries. This is why, an expertise to guide you or your elderly family member is required.

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